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Core Ideology

Our core ideology is a blend of our values and our purpose. For our core ideology, WE DO NOT COMPROMISE. Against all odds, these values are treasures we would hold dear in pursuing our never changing purpose

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A. Stimulate excellence in our team and clients
B. Develop solutions not products
C. Believe in the human ability

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A. To make companies and individuals find exceptional performance
B. To make exceptional performance the new normal.

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At the end of every plan or activity, our overarching goal is to stimulate the excellence that lies within you, our client. We exist to help you make exceptional performance the NEW NORMAL.


Vision and Envisioned Future

Our vision is to be among the topmost recognized practical and impactful advisory partners in the world.

Throughout our journey…. when businesses seek to identify themselves……. when institutions desire a positive performance turnaround…… when individuals seek to harness their potential and abilities for glorious success……., when companies, institutions and individuals think of professional performance driven advise and solutions, all that their minds will see is INNER EXCELLENCE SOLUTIONS. And at the end of it all, for our CLIENTS,EXCELLENCE and EXCEPTION will be the EVER INCREASING and EVER CHANGING CONSTANT

Our Guiding Principles

We only propose solutions

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Our solutions address specific needs. We do this through listening and probing to identify and qualify needs and its impact on your business and professional life.

We seek to guide individuals and businesses to develop inner excellence.
We have set for ourselves guiding principles developed from our core values. From the paths of these principles, WE DO NOT STRAY. Our guiding principles exist to guide our relationships with prospects and clients throughout our continuous evolution to get to and transcend beyond our destination.

We guide you to desire a solution.

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We always find and create a solution.

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. No matter the size of the agreed need, no matter what it takes, we have a solution for you. So YOUR NEEED ENDS WITH US. The buck stops with us.

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We deliver solutions over a period, never one time.

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. Because our job is never done until it pays you back. You invest into excellence with us and we ensure you have a return on what you invest.

Our Approach

Our deepest treasure is to be your partner. We have promised never to miss out on being part of your success story. To do this, we adopt approaches that push us to know, think and feel like your do and this is how we are able to develop solutions that are relevant to you.

We research about the participants, conducting a mandatory needs assessment

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Before we engage for any solution across our service lines, we research on the professional profile of the individuals in your organization and the institutions. This is to ensure that we connect with our clients to

We do this needs assessments using two main tools

We validate and agree on the best solution for our participants

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We take up the job of finding and justifying the best pool of solutions to your identified needs and wants and leave the decision making to you.

From sales advisory, through our training delivery suites and to outsourcing solutions for your sales function, we develop and customize a mixed bouquet for an even greater impact on your company.

We deliver relevant quality, practical and applicable content on the solution

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Primary Aim

Quality, practical and applicable content on the solutions we deliver is our primary aim.

We fully engage our clients and to make them proactive. During our sessions, we

We provide useful and usable tools

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We provide relevant tools that enable our clients to try their learnings in confidence. We guide participants and our client institutions to adopt and adapt the tools provided for their business. For us, practice is the strongest form of learning and we focus on ensuring that our participants continue their learnings with the relevant practice.

Our expansive tool kit include :

  1. Opportunity management tools

  2. Customer Persona creator

  3. Deal qualification tools

  4. Daily Call planners

  5. Time and activity Analysis

  6. Opportunity assessment tool

  7. Pipeline Audit tool

  8. Forecast Accuracy Assessment

  9. Sales Team scorecard

  10. RFP Response and Assessment guide

  11. Big Deal strategy guide

  12. Succession Readiness Guide

We create a community to continuously engage with reinforced learnings

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Conducive Environment

We appreciate the need for every solution that we provide to give back to the “community” appropriate feedback, insight, additional learnings and the necessary push to assimilate and apply the advice, learnings and tactics acquired. We continue to virtually and physically engage our clients within and after the providing our solutions. We work to expand the community to the immediate stakeholders so we can drive a higher level of involvement from our client businesses


You need to think and focus on your core business. So let us do the sales thinking for you. With the Sales Think Tank, we execute though leadership at all levels of your business and how it impacts your sales function.

Through rigorous meta modelling sessions, we questions your assumptions and realities till we both arrive at the point of excellence within your function. Areas of growth and gaps within your sales function are addressed with impactful concepts and workable solutions through a three step approach:

Concepts and workable solutions to the areas of growth within your sales function and Effective Leadership


Gold, with all its market value and worth, is produced from pure dirt and red earth dust. But through a process of refining, the inside value of this worthy, most sought after and valuable shiny metal is produced. Your sales team is like gold ore; even better, they are in addition, raw gold nuggets that can be processed into a formidable gold bar, defined in shape, style and properly labeled to represent your brand.

Our trainings are delivered across the entire sales function in three main segments;
sales planning,
sales engagement and
sales support

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We deploy unique sales teams tactically trained and managed to handle aspects of your entire sales function. SWAT Sales is not your normal recruitment partner who recruits and hands over raw talent to you to manage. We recruit, activate and manage a team to deliver your results. Whether your need hunters to aggressively drive your solutions to the market or hunters to manage and grow your share of the market or a mix of both, we deliver the team to deliver your results.

Training Portfolio

Management and People Cache

  • People Management
  • Performance Management and Productivity Improvement
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Total Quality Management
  • Change Management

Corporate Caseload

  • Lead Generation
  • Prospecting and market zoning
  • Negotiation and closing
  • Objection Handling
  • Customer experience
  • Complaint Handling
  • Pipeline and Opportunity Management
  • Account Management
  • Account Development planning
  • Presentation Skills
  • Consultative Selling
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Profiling

Personal Portfolio

  • Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Goal Setting, Service and Result Orientation
  • Analysis and Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Influence and Persuasion
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Office Location: Block A9, Room 30 – 32,
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Telephone: +233 266 000 405 / +233 548 161 404